Success Grows Here | Overcoming

January 21, 2020


Talk about life in a nutshell. We all go through the motions and then BOOM we are doing things that we never foresaw coming. Change and growth happen to us when we go outside of our normal routine. At times, we have people in our lives relating to work, family or friend relationships that we never think we will lose. Yet the next thing we know we changed jobs and lost the relationships we once had. We may move or grow and lose friendships we never thought we would. Then we go through a pandemic that we NEVER foresaw coming and are unable to see family that means the most to us, only to protect them.

As we move forward in life with our change we meet new people grow new relationships and just try to make connections that mean something to us. But change is so hard. We grow ourselves but have to try to show new people in our lives that our heart is pure. We mean well and will do anything for anyone in need. Yet, others may not accept you or maybe you are “too much” for them. It might simply be because they don’t accept change. It is hard to put yourself in a situation with new relationships and them not accept you. It can be mentally draining to feel out of place in the stage of life that you’re in.

I promise though that you are going to be ok. The people that know your heart will never desert you. They will love and support you. Accepting you for everything you are and what you have to offer. The new relationship they have with you they will cherish just as much as you do. All the heartache that you once have felt from someone you never thought would hurt you will slowly heal. The ones that gossip to try to degrade your character will eventually be proved wrong once the others get to
know you.

Don’t give up. Don’t let it change who you are or what your mission in life is. Don’t let it bring you down and take over your mind. Instead keep growing yourself – do it for the ones you love and for the ones that love you.

Success grows here and so do you.