From the Streets | Overcoming

January 21, 2020
Take a second, stop and think about how far you have come.
The obstacles, difficulties, hardships, problems and unfortunate circumstances we have ALL dealt with. The days we never thought we would make it through, maybe right now that is the kind of day you are currently having. Whatever you do never ever give up. You will overcome and make it, just like you did in the different seasons of your life.
I lived on Livingston Ave in Columbus at a young age. Never around large animals or agriculture. Went through a lifetime of hardships and came out stronger than ever. Around ten years ago I had the opportunity to start working in a Swine Barn. Everything and I mean everything was new to me. I was doubted but I wanted to succeed at this lifestyle that was new to me.
Fast forward- I didn’t give up- I went to college to become a veterinary technician. Went from working with a couple thousand sows and all of their piglets to a gilt isolation barn. Worked in a mixed veterinary animal practice to working on the wean to finish side of the pig world. At one point working with 50,000 pigs over the state of Ohio. I had the opportunity of working with other producers to send female pigs all over the US and sometimes even to China and a Mexico! I learned and grew so much to be able to fulfill the position that I am now in.
As I continue to grow and learn I can’t help but know that I can make it even further than I have already. I hope you know that you can too.
Never …. EVER …. give up.

I love looking through a post that will make men and women think. Also, many thanks for permitting me to comment!